March/April special campaign. See below!

Knowing English will let you be part of a global conversation!

Do you know the famous picture of Uluru above? Located in Central Australia. I was fortunate enough to work here for three years. A place well worth visiting. My wife and I came to Japan in 2004 after having lived and worked in Central Australia. My wife started working in their family Izakaya business and I joined an English conversation school in Osaka. It was in 2007 that I decided to take a step forward and open my own English school here in Amagasaki.




My main objective is to provide General and Business English lessons which can be individually customized to each student's needs. Lesson material will be discussed directly with students.


My experience is considerable — teaching students from beginner through to advanced levels. Conversational and Business English are the areas of focus. Teaching at various Japanese companies and local community centres.


I teach private lessons and small groups of up to three people. If you would like to improve your English skills at my school, you will need some English conversational ability as a minimum due to the fact that I use mainly English during the class.

A. B. A .ランゲージスクールでは個人レッスンとグループレッスン(最大3人までの少人数性)で教えております。こちらの学校で英語のスキルを向上させる為、レッスン中は英語のみの会話となります。最低限の英語会話能力が必要になります。

Tuition fees are: 1 hour Group lessons ¥10500 for 4 lessons. 1 hour Private lessons ¥15000. (4 lessons are generally taken in one month) ¥5000 for entrance fee. You are welcome to come and take a free trial lesson.

授業料:グループレッスン1時間 10500円 (1ヶ月4レッスンです)
プライベートレッスン1時間 15000円 (1ヶ月4レッスンです)

***March and April campaign. Group lessons ¥8500 Private ¥12500

***3月、4月のキャンペーン。グループレッスン8500円 プライベートレッスン12500円

*Social events are occasionally held

*Skype lessons are available upon request

*1000 Yen Discount is offered per person for group lesson if two students join

* 2人の学生が参加した場合、グループレッスンは1人あたり1000円のディスカウントがございます。

Open Tuesday to Friday 12pm to 9pm Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6pm

Do you have a question or are you keen to find out more about learning with me? I'd love to hear from you and I'll always be happy to help.